Denver-based Dev IQ® is a full-service custom software development and delivery studio.

Dev IQ specializes in IoT, UX/UI design, mobile, and cloud-native web applications that scale to millions of users. Our proprietary development methodology and technology accelerator frameworks enable our clients to launch differentiated, cost-effective enterprise solutions that get to market faster, outperform competitors, and create bottom-line value. We have developed an in-house Empathic Design and User Experience (UX) practice and are strong advocates of Design Thinking principles. Additionally, we are well-positioned with leading Cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, ClearDATA, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Dev IQ’s executive leaders have delivered groundbreaking solutions to millions of users for over 25 years. Our expert engineering teams deliver great software that allows clients to transform their business and LEVEL UP.

We have a long-standing reputation of creating great partnerships with our clients, doing what we say we will do, and building a Team that values Trust, Communication, Integrity, Team Work, and respects individual Work-Life Balance.

Dev IQ services include:

  • Empathic User Experience (UX/UI) Design
  • Custom Software Development (Enterprise, SaaS, Mobile, Web, IoT)
  • Internet of Things Ecosystem Design & Dashboard Integration
  • Mobile Applications (iOS Native, Android Native, React Native)
  • Application Security & Architecture Advisory Services


Especially our clients, employees and partners.

We take responsibility for delivering solutions with excellence.

We believe growth enables more opportunity and value for our clients, employees and partners.

We make a positive impact in everything we do.


Shawn Davison

Shawn is a serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience building many successful software and technology companies, three of which are now part of large well-known public companies. The software he has architected is being used by millions of people around the world every day. At heart, he is a solution architect — serving as a liaison from concept to reality. His primary passion is building great software products & services that make a difference by improving quality of life for their users. Shawn is bilingual — he speaks business and technology.

Denton Crofts

Denton is a seasoned entrepreneur and sales and marketing executive with a keen ability to drive corporate strategy and new business development. His strengths include leading others to create and implement tools and processes that result in sustained growth and success for clients across the board. Previously, Denton’s roles have been as Founder or Senior Sales Management with companies and/or startups including Umbria, Fuelsy, and Extended Presence. Denton owns 9 fly-fishing rods, and admits he may have a fishing problem.

Perry Nelson
COO & VP, Delivery

Perry is responsible for overseeing and directing our client delivery from initiation through successful completion. Perry is a senior operations and technology executive with over 25 years of IT and software development management experience in multiple industries, including large-scale international project deployment. He is passionate about technology, and building teams that know how to deliver and know how to make a difference in people’s lives.
James Shelby

James values People and Communication. He sees Technology as a beast with a voracious appetite for time and money. Therefore, customer requirements should be mined for their business drivers, and solutions re-cast using a deep understanding of technology to save both time and money. He believes that the most productive thing he can do is eliminate work. He also  believes that good applications are discovered through experimentation with the customer base. Typically 80% of planned features fail to move the expected metric, therefore software platforms should be a workbench for fast experimentation. Deploy, measure, repeat. Feature-velocity is his One Metric That Matters.

Our Why:

We build software solutions to improve the Quality of Life for Our Clients and Their Customers.

Do You Have A Project Where We Can Help?

We invite you to set up a meeting with our Leadership team, ask about the technologies we use, or even become part of Dev IQ’s team. Don’t hesitate to reach out!