Amazon web services



Cloud Computing & Storage

  • Lambda


  • S3/EBS/EFS

  • Elastic Beanstalk


Cloud Database

  • Amazon RDS

  • Dynamo DB

  • ElastiCache


  • Amazon Kinesis

  • Elasticsearch Service


  • IoT Core

Cloud Security & Compliance

  • IAM

  • Amazon Cognito

  • API Gateway

  • Amazon Route 53


Here are some typical use cases that Dev IQ specializes in:

Application Migration

To get the highest value from your migration to AWS, you need to strategically leverage the right AWS services. However, it can be difficult to see the most direct path from today to developing cloud native applications.

DevIQ will help you map that path and execute a migration that ensures your business advances. We will analyze your applications and environment, highlight the services and functions that are ideal for cloud deployment and help you refactor to become cloud native and achieve maximum efficiency.

Dev Ops

To rapidly increase the value of your software products and the velocity of your development team, you need a collaborative culture, Agile practices, and tools for configuration, automation and deployment.

DevIQ understands how to leverage the AWS DevOps platform to maximize the effectiveness of your existing tools and ensure that you continue to lead your market. The heart of a DevOps infrastructure is the CI/CD pipeline and DevIQ has extensive experience implementing effective solutions for build, integration, deployment and delivery challenges.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Data flowing through your IoT devices contains a wealth of information for your business and its customers. You need to be able to quickly and efficiently collect and analyze that data.

AWS provides a comprehensive and secure platform from device connectivity and management to data storage and analytics with AI, making your devices more intelligent. DevIQ’s deep knowledge in IoT ecosystems and solutions development will help you automate data collection and analysis, enhance customer touch points and optimize operational processes.

Machine Learning

AWS provides one of the widest and most capable sets of Machine Learning services, providing the tools you need to leverage this powerful technology to propel your business forward. This capability was out of reach for most organizations until only a few years ago.

DevIQ can help you today to build, train and deploy learning models adding intelligence to your applications and providing you with new insights into your customers and your business.

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