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Industrial & Manufacturing​

As industrial and manufacturing companies work to keep their competitive edge in today’s fast-paced, digital environment, they’re increasingly embracing more modern ecosystems and looking to incorporate insights that only the latest technology can deliver. DevIQ can be a partner for industrial and manufacturing operations as they refactor existing ecosystems, build out new ones and implement advanced technologies to solve complex problems and stay at the top of their game.

Use Cases
Industrial IoT Ecosystem Design
Control System Integration
Dashboards & Visualization
Energy Monitoring & Modeling
Product-as-a-Service Design
AI/Machine Learning Integration
Predictive Maintenance Modeling
CryptoChip & PKI Provisioning
DevIQ brings a level of excellence in their technical skill, creative solutions, and professional service that exceeds anything else I’ve come across in the consultative and development world. They have seamlessly developed multiple complex applications for us – integrating multiple systems, services, and platforms. All of the work has come out visually beautiful and the development process was seamless.
Ryan D.
IoT Product Manager
Visionaire Lighting


Designing and building IT solutions for the healthcare sector comes with its own unique set of challenges. You need a development partner who understands the ins and outs of HIPAA, one who has the experience to appreciate the complexities of healthcare technology development and one who has strong relationships with leading providers, like HITRUST and ClearDATA, to deliver the most stable, secure solutions possible. See how DevIQ can deliver on all those requirements and more:

Use Cases
HIPAA-Compliant SaaS
Provider/Patient Portals
LIMS Platform & Workflow
Virtual Scribe Services
Dosimetry/Radiation Processing
HITRUST/ClearDATA Deployment

Smart Cities

Did you know that more than 66% of cities have already invested in some sort of smart city technological infrastructure that enables them to collect, aggregate and analyze real-time data to improve the lives of residents? DevIQ helps companies develop the tools and infrastructure that will power the cities of the future and improve the quality of life for urban residents around the globe:

Use Cases
Smart City IoT Ecosystems
Smart Lighting Automation
Energy Monitoring & Analytics
Video Monitoring Integration
Transportation Planning Apps
Geospatial / ArcGIS Integration
The impact DevIQ has provided us is immense, they have a phenomenal crew that does development, architecture, UX/UI design–all the things we didn’t inherently have within our company […]. We didn’t have to bring in new resources and do the training.
Roger C.
Director of Business Development & Technology
Visionaire Lighting

Retail & Payments

The demand for online retail is only increasing. Merchants need a software development partner that can help them digitally transform their operations with tools and technologies that power secure, user-centric online purchasing. See how DevIQ’s expertise in PCI compliance, mobile and web payment systems, and UX/UI development helps retailers flip the switch to digital sales and better satisfy their customers:

Use Cases
Custom eCommerce SaaS
Payment Gateway Integration
PayPal Payments Integration
Kiosk Design & Development
Braintree Payments Integration
Custom Mobile POS
Sage Integration

DevIQ is incredibly customer focused. They consistently go beyond what we’ve asked for to fully immerse themselves in our environment and deeply understand our needs. Their network has also benefited us tremendously. DevIQ has been a true partner in understanding and helping shape our vision for stronger customer engagement, and making that vision become a reality.
Randi A.
COO & VP of Strategy
Collective Goods


Traditional retail is not the only sector that’s increasingly embracing a digital transformation. Auto shops, automotive providers and dealers, parts distributors and even racing engineers all need the enhanced data and operational power that custom software and payment integration can bring. See how DevIQ delivers these benefits and more:

Use Cases
Race Performance Engineering
Auto Shop Management
Custom Fleet Management
Payment & eCommerce Integration
Industry Analytics/Visualization
Technical/Platform Assessments
DevIQ as a group defines what a software company should be. The team continues to stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors that we deal with as far as quality of the development, quality of support, project management and knowledge of Omnique and our business.
Erik D.
Operations Manager


Technology is in constant flux. That means before you develop your new mobile app, voice solution or custom API, you need the advice of a team who makes it their job to stay up to date with the latest best practices and innovations in the field. DevIQ’s seasoned software engineers and designers have deep expertise in conceptualizing, building and deploying a wide variety of technical solutions on time and in budget:

Use Cases
Custom SaaS/PaaS Design
Voice/Touch UX Design
Alexa / Siri / Google Voice
System Modernization
API Design & Development
CryptoChip KPI Provisioning
Mobile Apps
As I sat in the room with DevIQ and described the kind of functionality we were looking to put into play, they asked me tough questions and I loved that because it made me think!
Jay A.

Financial & Insurance

When software security and reliability is paramount, both for the user experience of your customers and to keep your organization in line with government and industry regulations, you need a provider with experience in the field. See how DevIQ delivers on these needs for financial firms and insurance companies:

Use Cases
Custom SaaS/PaaS Design
Voice/Touch UX Design
Alexa / Siri / Google Voice
System Modernization
API Design & Development
Mobile Apps


Giving students the ability to access learning from any device, on demand is the future of education. DevIQ can help learning companies and textbook publishers deliver on this promise by developing custom learning management systems (LMS), migrating existing learning technologies to the cloud for improved reliability and scalability, and integrating with other learning solutions via learning tools interoperability (LTI):

Use Cases
Cloud Native LMS Development
AWS Blackboard Learn for REST
Multi-region Cloud Optimization
Desktop Client Migrations
AWS Cloud Migrations
LTI Integration
We already have 20% more student enrollment this term. We couldn’t do it without DevIQ.
Ryan F.
CEO, Owner & Founder
Caduceus International Publishing

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