Custom Healthcare Software & IoT Development

Dev IQ® is an expert in creating rich, custom healthcare applications. Our purpose-built, HIPAA-compliant mobile and web solutions deliver compelling user experiences to solve the specific use cases of each provider-patient interaction.






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Here are just a few of the areas of expertise we bring to any provider looking for custom healthcare software development.

Privacy by Design

With cyber attacks on the rise, how do we ensure that our solutions protect patient data? Our proprietary Dev IQ Blueprint acceleration framework implements Privacy by Design (PbD) patterns to safeguard patient data and enable application level HIPAA compliance, including:

  • Encryption of PHI/Sensitive Data
  • Multi-factor Authentication, Authorization, and ACL
  • Microservice Logging/Auditing
  • New features to support portions of GDPR & CFR21 part 11

As a result, our HIPAA-compliant solutions proactively maintain privacy standards and enable user/individual-controlled health data.

Dive deeper into the topic, read our blog post:

HIPAA-Compliant, HITRUST-Certified Cloud Infrastructure

Our commitment to security and compliance doesn’t end at the application level. By partnering with ClearDATA, the leading Healthcare Managed Cloud service (and a HITRUST certified partner), we are able to build solutions that are HIPAA-compliant across the full stack – from network to cloud infrastructure to application.

Design Thinking and Empathic UX/UI Focus

As with all our projects, to build custom healthcare software, we begin with design thinking. This process encourages a deep understanding of the needs of all relevant stakeholders, so the end product is built to address the real usability requirements of each participant.

Armed with this understanding, our team leverages empathic design to develop intuitive, holistic, end-to-end solutions that surprise and delight patients and providers.

Continuous Delivery

Dev IQ engineers leverage a proprietary Continuous Delivery Pipeline to frequently and automatically push new features with no down time and no negative impact to the User Experience. This “always on” software development methodology results in ubiquitous network accessibility and improved patient and provider experiences.

Dev IQ is the partner that allows your company to bring products to market to compete in a saturated, complicated technology space – even if you don’t consider yourself a technology company. Natalie G.

VP Product Management , Skywriter MD


Dev IQ designs and implements secure, HIPAA-Compliant IoT solutions for the healthcare industry. 


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Also known as Web-based software or on-demand software – it is our primary focus. Our greatest advantage is to apply all our assets and strengths to design and build entire service ecosystems, including:

  • SaaS, PaaS, and PDaaS development
  • Service Architecture & Infrastructure Design
  • RESTful API Design and Specification
  • UX/UI Application Design
  • Scalable Application Server Development
  • Responsive Web Apps for both Mobile and Desktop
  • Native iOS & Android applications for phones and tablets
  • Scalable, Secure Cloud Deployment and Management
  • Billing and Payment Service Integration

Outside of these traditional capabilities, we also embrace emerging technologies, like:

Secure IoT Ecosystem Design

Dev IQ develops custom IoT solutions that improve quality of life, while managing the complex integrations of emerging technologies. Companies developing healthcare solutions leverage our IoT expertise to:

  • Conceptualize IoT solutions that will enhance the patient/provider experience and deliver unique value to the market
  • Design IoT interfaces that can compete for user attention within a device-crowded environment
  • Build strong, sustainable ecosystems necessary to manage, process and integrate data from IoT devices and sensors
  • Transform workflows for improved patient and provider experiences

WebRTC & Voice Integration

Dev IQ has deep expertise in developing solutions that enable real time communication with WEbRTC. While the main thrust of this discipline has traditionally been in telehealth solutions, we’ve applied this expertise to electronic medical recordsdeveloping a HIPAA-compliant webRTC and voice integrated scribe system for recording EMRs. This solution not only helped ease the EHR burden for clinicians, but it also facilitated more effective care coordination and a more streamlined user experience.

Edge Computing

Dev IQ builds healthcare solutions for the edge. Leveraging the edge of the cloud network, these solutions shorten the distance that data has to travel before it can be processed, allowing for near real-time analysis. Edge computing also reduces data latencies, which can be especially meaningful for IoT medical devices that directly affect patient outcomes, like pacemakers or automated external defibrillators.


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