IIoT & Custom Software Approaches for Manufacturing

Dev IQ helps manufacturers create a competitive advantage through innovative IIoT solutions, custom software applications, and an expert-driven digital strategy. We design manufacturing software solutions that optimize processes, streamline workflows, and create value for their businesses and customers.



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Here are just a few of the areas of expertise we bring to any company looking for custom manufacturing software development:

IoT & IoT Ecosystem Design

Dev IQ develops custom IoT solutions managing the complex integrations of emerging technologies. We have experience in Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT (IIoT) that offer the following benefits:


  • Automatic part failure prediction
  • Improved security and intrusion detection
  • Automatic environment control
  • Detection of water and gas leakage
  • Reduced maintenance costs

An IIoT ecosystem follows a layered structure. First, several sensors feed raw data to the system. A second layer of devices link this data to the cloud, where it is stored and managed. From there, it can be digested and analyzed for humans or machines to work with. The value of the processed data is remarkable to the business and provides revolutionary insights.

IIoT Development and Modernization

Dev IQ works with clients to build new and modernize existing industrial sensor technology.

We’re experts at creating new, innovative industrial IoT solutions for the manufacturing sector – integrating cutting-edge sensor technology and supporting applications to drive businesses forward.

And, through our proprietary technology assessment process, we help manufacturers create the strategy necessary to IP-enable existing systems and sensors, and support those systems with software that maximizes the value of their data outputs.


Dev IQ develops cost-effective corporate-owned, single-use (COSU) solutions for manufacturers looking to supplement their existing strategy with digital tools.

Using inexpensive, pre-built hardware, our engineers build custom solutions on top of existing OS – empowering organizations to digitize their operations quickly, and without a significant drain on IT resources.

Data Analysis & Machine Learning

IIoT sensors capture data. But what happens with that data once it’s captured? Is it easy to interpret? Can manufacturing leaders easily draw conclusions from the data their systems generate?

Dev IQ helps manufacturers develop custom dashboard solutions supported by machine learning technology, so they can better understand the data coming from their IIoT sensors and leverage it to impact operations, productivity and organizational bottom lines.

Continuous Delivery

Dev IQ engineers leverage a proprietary Continuous Delivery Pipeline to frequently and automatically push new features with no downtime and no negative impact to the user experience or underlying operational processes.

This “always on” software development methodology supports manufacturing’s no-fail imperative and ensures that systems remain optimized throughout their life cycles.

Design Thinking

As with all our projects, to build custom digital manufacturing solutions, we begin with design thinking. This process encourages a deep understanding of the needs of all relevant stakeholders and business drivers, so the end product is built to address real usability requirements and organizational needs.

Armed with this understanding, our team leverages empathic design to develop intuitive, holistic end-to-end solutions that improve processes and deliver quantifiable business value.

Organizations are transitioning away from proprietary PLCs and SCADA systems to IIoT, that pushes data directly to the cloud.

Edge Computing

Dev IQ builds manufacturing solutions for the edge. Leveraging the edge of the cloud network, these solutions shorten the distance that data has to travel before it can be processed, allowing for near real-time analysis. Edge computing also reduces latencies, which can especially meaningful in the manufacturing setting where there’s a no-fail imperative for all operational systems.

Outside of these traditional capabilities, we also embrace emerging technologies, like:

Cloud Architecture and Solution Design

Dev IQ designs and delivers high quality solutions optimized for cloud performance. Our team combines our proprietary Blueprint methodology with the latest in cloud technology to build resilient, scalable solutions that foster exceptional user experiences. And along the way, we provide:

  • Deep knowledge of front end and back end infrastructure components necessary for a well-integrated cloud system – including authentication, auditing, storage and security
  • A continuous delivery model that iteratively tests and incorporates feedback for greater reliability and exceptional user experience (UX)
  • Container technology expertise to streamline and secure infrastructural requirements
  • Multi-cloud expertise (including, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Services) to provide unbiased recommendations and customized strategies
  • Serverless expertise (including AWS Lambda) for faster development, on-demand scalability and reduced spending on infrastructure



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