Custom Software Development & Mobile Tools for Retailers

Dev IQ® fuels the digital transformations retailers need to engage today’s sophisticated buyers. We help build secure, user-centric digital tools for retail that increase visibility into sales and market data, streamline operations and result in delighted customers – ones who keep coming back for more.


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Here are just a few of the areas of expertise we bring to any company looking for custom retail software development:

Mobile App Development

Dev IQ has deep experience creating beautiful, compelling mobile apps that drive revenue and deliver exceptional customer experiences. We use Design Thinking to understand our clients’ unique business needs and customer personas. From there, we leverage a framework model to deliver deep customization while accelerating development through reusable development building blocks. Our engineers are experts at creating user-friendly, high-impact apps through Swift, Java, and Kotlin.

As a result of our process and expertise, retail clients are able to get to market quickly with apps that look great regardless of screen size, provide exceptional user experiences, and in turn, fundamentally change the way they interact with their customers.


Payment Integration and PCI-Compliance

Today, digital cashless options are moving into the mainstream, and retailers who can’t accept online payments risk falling behind. Dev IQ helps retailers seamlessly integrate payment gateway technologies into their online and mobile storefronts, helping them offer their customers easier, more secure ways to purchase products.

COSU and Smart Panels

Dev IQ develops corporate-owned, single-use (COSU) solutions, empowering retailers to offer their customers more digital options in a way that’s manageable and cost-effective.

Using inexpensive, pre-built hardware, our engineers build custom solutions on top of existing OS –improving the speed-to-market of new digital retail tools without a significant drain on IT resources.  


Design Thinking and Empathic UX/UI Focus

As with all our projects, to build custom digital manufacturing solutions, we begin with design thinking. This process encourages a deep understanding of the needs of all relevant stakeholders (including the customer), so the end product is built to address real usability requirements and organizational needs. Armed with this understanding, our team leverages empathic design to develop intuitive, holistic end-to-end solutions that improve business processes, sales revenue and customer experiences.

Continuous Delivery

Dev IQ engineers leverage a proprietary Continuous Delivery Pipeline to frequently and automatically push new features with no downtime and no negative impact to the user experience or underlying operational processes. This “always on” software development methodology supports retail’s customer-centric demands, ensuring that consumers always experience exceptional service.

“Dev IQ is incredibly customer focused. They consistently go beyond what we’ve asked for to fully immerse themselves in our environment and deeply understand our needs. Their network has also benefited us tremendously. Dev IQ has been a true partner in understanding and helping shape our vision for stronger customer engagement, and making that vision become a reality.” Randi A.

COO & VP of Strategy, Collective Goods


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Also known as Web-based software or on-demand software – it is our primary focus. Our greatest advantage is to apply all our assets and strengths to design and build entire service ecosystems, including:

  • SaaS, PaaS, and PDaaS development
  • Service Architecture & Infrastructure Design
  • RESTful API Design and Specification
  • UX/UI Application Design
  • Scalable Application Server Development
  • Responsive Web Apps for both Mobile and Desktop
  • Native iOS & Android applications for phones and tablets
  • Scalable, Secure Cloud Deployment and Management
  • Billing and Payment Service Integration

Outside of these traditional capabilities, we also embrace emerging technologies, like:

Secure IoT Ecosystem Design & Development

Dev IQ develops custom IoT solutions that improve quality of life while managing the complex integrations of emerging technologies. Companies developing IoT solutions for the retail market leverage our expertise to:  

  • Conceptualize IoT solutions that will enhance the customer experience and deliver unique value to the market.
  • Design IoT interfaces that can compete for user attention within a device-crowded environment
  • Build strong, sustainable ecosystems necessary to manage, process, integrate and protect data from IoT devices

Cloud Architecture and Solution Design

Dev IQ has deep expertise designing and delivering high quality solutions optimized for cloud performance.  Our team combines our proprietary Blueprint methodology with the latest in cloud technology to build resilient, scalable solutions that foster exceptional user experiences. And along the way, we provide:

  • Deep knowledge of front end and back end infrastructure components necessary for a well-integrated cloud system – including authentication, auditing, storage and security
  • A continuous delivery model that iteratively tests and incorporates feedback for greater reliability and exceptional UX
  • Container technology expertise to streamline and secure infrastructural requirements
  • Multi-cloud expertise (including, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Services) to provide unbiased recommendations and customized strategies
  • Serverless expertise (including AWS Lambda) for faster development, on-demand scalability and reduced spending on infrastructure

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