Dev IQ Blueprint Methodology

Our differentiator : Process + Tools Blueprint IQ Methodology represents the summation of Dev IQ®‘s skills, knowledge, and experiences. We bring years of Enterprise know-how together with the best emerging technologies, and marry that with exceptional UX Design to create disruptive breakthroughs. We consciously make Design not one step, but a constant that assures the best User Experience (UX) throughout the lifecycle.

Because technology changes so fast, we have learned to adapt and stay focused on solutions that improve our clients’ business and their customers’ quality of life. This is the Dev IQ mission — and the starting point for our most successful solutions.

1) Inception

We put immense focus on the first 15% of the process, our Inception phase, knowing that key business insights and the decisions made early on determine the success of the project.


Regardless of the industry or type of solution, a true understanding between all parties involved and the project requirements is crucial. The Inception phase, the first of our 3-step Blueprint IQ Methodology, is where it all begins. We’ve been praised for the value that this initial engagement provides in terms of insights and discovery of our client’s products, ideas, company, and industry. This is the foundation on which we build success.

Typical Inception tasks include:


  • Requirements gathering, initial meetings
  • Understand the users, with Empathic Design methods
  • Identify system aspects and architecture requirements
  • Early user experience (UX) creation, wireframes, mockups
  • Research, Technology Assessment & deployment options
  • Defining initial user stories for agile sprint-based execution
  • Optionally prototyping risk areas

Inception Goals:

Form Work Environment
Identify Initial Technical Strategy
Form Initial Team
Secure Funding
Develop Common Vision
Develop Initial Release Plan
Align with Enterprise Direction
Identify Risks
Explore Initial Scope

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2) Construction

The Construction phase is where we focus on code development. It is an iterative, highly collaborative and learning-oriented phase. Our Core Team of moves through the whole cycle, ensuring the original context and business objectives end up in the final solution.

Construction Goals:

Produce a Potentially Consumable Solution
Address Changing Stakeholder Needs
Move Closer to a Deployable Release
Prove Architecture Early

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3) Transition

After the application is designed, developed, and ready to go, we thoughtfully move through the Transition phase. The solution is deployed to the market, and our client is set up to measure, support and maintain the solution for the long-term.

Transition Goals:

Ensure the Solution is Consumable
Deploy the Solution

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Origins of our Process

Our process leverages years of collective software development and project management experience. It embraces proven methodologies and utilizes our passion to continually improve them. We have utilized source elements from diverse fields, including Manufacturing, Continuous Delivery, Industrial Design and Design Thinking, abstracting key elements and incorporating them to our own experience, called “Dev IQ Blueprint Methodology.”

The following sources represent key elements of our methodology:

Methodology Sources

  • Design. Holistic and Empathic Design principles, based on User-Centered Design and Design Thinking, focus on the user’s emotions and providing better user experiences. These stem from Stanford University and IDEO’s approach to Industrial Design, the development of mass-produced physical consumer products.


  • Quality. Total Quality Management (TQM) as defined by W. Edwards Deming (the father of quality) focuses on improvement of the system, including the 15/85 rule: the first 15% of the project focuses on getting the vision, design, and user experience right – all of which helps ensure the remaining 85% is successful!


  • People First. We are a big believer in the human aspect of technology development, making people and relationships the first priority. As a Team, we incorporate our collective experience and ability to lead, adapt, and continuously meet if not exceed our clients’ business goals.