Our Process.

How we engineer user-centric enterprise solutions that get to market faster, outperform competitors, and create bottom-line value.

End-to-End Starts Here.

1. Inception

Really Understand WHY.

2. Design

Empathize with users.
Create beautiful, usable designs.

3. Construction

Develop source code
following the design.

4. Continuous Delivery

Ensure a smooth deployment
& set up long-term maintenance.

5. Happy Users & Stakeholders

Delighting both stakeholders and
users is our passion.

What to expect in each Phase?

1. Inception

We put immense focus on the first 15% of the process, our Inception phase, knowing that key business insights and the decisions made early on determine the success of the project.

A typical inception phase looks like this…
  • Gather requirements & kick-off sessions
  • Understand Users through empathic design
  • Identify system & architecture requirements
  • Complete research & technology assessment
  • Develop deployment strategies & recommendations
  • Define initial stories for agile sprint-based execution
  • Prototype high-risk areas (case by case)

We’ve been praised for the value that this initial engagement provides.

Goal: Insights and discovery of our client’s products, ideas, company, industry, and end users.

Requirements gathering session

2. Design

We apply the design thinking process to thoroughly understand your business goals, define the problem and understand your users.

Our designers work with you and your users to deliver:

  • Personas
  • Journey maps & flows
  • User & competitor research
  • Initial sketches

This initial research is used to develop wireframes, mockups, and beautiful, usable designs.

Goal: Capture as much of the requirements and design specifications to make the Construction (development) phase smooth and efficient.

We can apply this phase as part of our full Process, or you can choose it as a stand-alone for a smaller engagement.

3. Construction

Once you’ve approved the design, our team of talented developers build your solution using a modern software development methodology and pre-defined project management.

We thoroughly test the code, functionality, and user experience.

Goal: Produce a potentially consumable solution; prove the architecture early.

A Developer coding while in a brick office.

4. Continuous Delivery

The solution is deployed, and we set it up for measuring, supporting, maintaining, and continuously improving and delivering in the long-term.

The project might have reached the end, but typically the product will continue to improve, as changing needs and new features come down the road.

Goal: Ensure the solution is consumable, deploy, implement Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

A pipeline that streamlines and supplies content uninterruptedly.

5. Happy End Users & Stakeholders

We build software to improve quality of life. We define success based on that, and a great measure is the satisfaction and feedback of our clients and their users:

Our software strives to save time, reduce effort, simplify tasks, and provide delightful experiences.

A woman smiling while using her smartphone.

Learn how our process will streamline innovative solutions for your toughest problems.

DevIQ Blueprint Methodology

We have fine-tuned our methodology over several years to ensure predictable and measurable results for your project. Here’s a peek at how we do it.

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