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Our Process.

Our process enables our clients to launch differentiated, cost-effective enterprise solutions that get to market faster, outperform competitors, and create bottom-line value.

This is how we do it.


We put immense focus on the first 15% of the process, our Inception phase, knowing that key business insights and the decisions made early on determine the success of the project.

A typical inception phase looks like this…
  • Gather requirements & conduct kick-off sessions
  • Understand the users through empathic design methods
  • Identify system and architecture requirements
  • Complete research & technology assessment
  • Develop deployment strategies & recommendations
  • Define initial stories for agile sprint-based execution
  • Prototype high-risk areas (case by case)

We’ve been praised for the value that this initial engagement provides in terms of insights and discovery of our client’s products, ideas, company and industry. This is the foundation on which we build success.

The inception phase is where it all begins. Regardless of the industry or type of solution, a true understanding between all parties involved and the project requirements is crucial.


This phase incorporates the design thinking process to thoroughly understand your business goals, define the problem and understand your users.

During the design phase our empathetic designers work with you and your users to develop artifacts such as personas, journey maps and flows, user and competitor research documentation and initial sketches to begin with.

We use that initial design research to develop wireframes, initial mockups and then beautiful, usable designs. Our goal is to capture as much of the requirements and design specifications in this stage to make the construction and development phase smooth and easy.

This phase can be incorporated into our full application development process or stand alone, it’s your choice!


Once you’ve approved the design, our team of talented developers begins creating your solution using a modern software development methodology and pre-defined project management. Once complete, we thoroughly test the code and functionality and work with your users to ensure a positive user experience.

This is an iterative, highly collaborative and learning-oriented phase, moving through the whole cycle, ensuring the original context and business objectives end up in the final solution.

Continuous Delivery.

After the application is designed, developed, and ready to go, we thoughtfully move through the Transition phase. The solution is deployed to the market, and our client is set up to measure, support and maintain the solution for the long-term.

See how the Dev IQ process streamlines solutions for your toughest problems.

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