Breakdown of an Awesome Daybreak!

It was a pleasure attending your talk… It was very educational & resonates with the work that my company is doing. – Michael Avis, HYPE Innovation

I am so excited about this series, & you hit it out of the park for the first one! – Stephanie Lindquist, Top Startup Talent

Definitely was a great start to the day! – Dan Beerman, Galvanize

Great presentation today! It will be a valuable addition to our software ideation & design process. – Brad Swanson, Kelsus

It was great content, & I especially appreciated how actionable it was. A great way to begin the work day! – Andrew Cole, Business Intelligence Center & Go Code Colorado

Dev IQ’s first ever Daybreak Education event included Mike Stemple, CEO of Inspirer, discussing the benefits of Ideation for an innovative culture and Shawn Davison, CEO of Dev IQ, presenting case studies best practices for Design Thinking.

Topics covered:

  • The Fundamentals of and Barriers to Ideation
  • How Companies Benefit from Adopting a Culture of Ideation
  • How to Go from Identifying Problems to Creating Solutions
  • Proven Ideation Techniques
  • The Impact of Ideation and Design Thinking in the Application Development Process
  • Taking an Idea from Concept to Reality


Let’s build something beautiful together.

blog author Lauren Berv

Lauren Berv
Digital Alchemist at Dev IQ, hot salsa lover, and automation expert.

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