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Smart Surveys, Dev IQ’s product for transportation surveys, now has a site of its own.

After a couple years of improvements and being released in several locations, the mobile survey platform that Dev IQ originally developed for the City of Boulder is branching off to have a website of its own as the next step of its successful trajectory.

Smart Surveys are mobile apps that allow citizens to participate in transportation surveys easier and quicker than ever.

The benefit is both for busy users and for the governments or organizations conducting the surveys; Smart Surveys capture location data and other information automatically, increasing results accuracy, reducing administration cost, saving paper, and significantly enhancing the user experience and participation.

This new site now offers governments and transportation organizations a deeper look into Smart Surveys, its features, benefits, and success stories.

Learn more about how Dev IQ is transforming the way transportation surveys are conducted at:



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blog author Lauren Berv

Lauren Berv 
Digital Alchemist at Dev IQ, hot salsa lover, and automation expert.

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