Considering New Product or Service Development? Meet PDaaS.

Developing new software products or solutions can be intimidating.

The process is traditionally expensive, time-consuming, and resource-limiting. And when you consider that 28% of strategic IT and Project management initiatives are deemed outright failures, there’s no wonder that new software product and solution development comes with such a stigma.

We want to remove this stigma and help our client partners experience increased efficacy and successful project performance. That’s why we specialize in Enterprise Product Development as a Service (PDaaS), providing product development expertise and contributing reusable software assets (code+ process + tools) that accelerate delivery, lower costs, and drive success.

What is Dev IQ PDaaS?

PDaaS is a set of software development services that leverages Dev IQ’s vast enterprise product development experience along with reusable process and software assets like: code, architecture, automation pipelines, etc.

Expert Developers, Just-in-Time Project Engagement

Our roster of seasoned, professional, enterprise-level product designers and developers rapidly build, deploy, and iterate our clients’ projects. The appropriate development resource expertise is applied to projects at the right time in the product development life-cycle. This helps projects advance quickly and purposefully and, in turn, reduces waste and overall project costs.

Reusable Assets

We leverage a set of reusable software assets (code + processes + tools) that are built within the Dev IQ Blueprint Framework – our proprietary methodology for accelerating software development that’s composed of reusable building blocks (modules), for both servers and native clients. Since we’re operating from an existing framework, rather than from scratch, we’re able to shorten time to market and better manage development budgets.

Dev IQ Process

Our approach to PDaaS is also:

  • MVP-based, so we don’t waste resources by building unnecessary features before getting the product out and receiving real user feedback
  • Agile, so we’re able to continually implement feedback and planning to optimize the product or solution
  • Scalable, so we’re able to adjust to an increased workload or usage (in tandem with our clients’ product growth)

Through this process, clients like Collective Goods, and Tradavo have experienced the marketplace and bottom-line impacts of a new product/service, without experiencing the traditional development pitfalls. For more information about how Dev IQ can partner with your organization for PDaaS, schedule a free meeting to discuss your needs.

Let’s build something beautiful together.

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Shawn Davison

CEO at Dev IQ, triathlete, and technological philosopher.

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