Dev IQ: a Colorado Company

Now Dev IQ is part of a rapidly growing community of companies, big and small, that share common ground: Colorado.

We have been accepted as a Colorado Company, a State initiative to unite, boost and promote products, services and companies that are headquartered in Colorado, both inside and all over the country.

“The by COLORADO Brand Certification Program was established to officially certify Colorado based companies and organizations as state based entities. byCOLORADO certified organizations gain a marketing edge by tapping in to Colorado’s cachet. The program helps strengthen Colorado brands, distinguish their goods and services, support increased sales, and elevate statewide economic vitality”


Dev IQ has been granted a license to use the “Colorado Company” and “Colorado Designed” mark seals. Very well known companies such as GoLite, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Crocs, and Boulder Brands have been granted the mark as well and use it in their products and services.

We are proud to be part of this community and to contribute actively to Colorado’s growth.

Let’s build something beautiful together.

blog author shawn davison

Shawn Davison
CEO at Dev IQ, triathlete, and technological philosopher.

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