Fueling Human Connection During COVID-19

A Need for Connection

Do you remember that old AT&T ad campaign from the 80s, Reach out and Touch Someone ? It was a little bit cheesy, a bit little sentimental, but it was also a very effective. So much so that 30 years later, we can still sing the jingle. What AT&T was touting was the power of human connection – something that’s particularly resonant in today’s socially distant environment.

Just as phone lines connected people who couldn’t be together in person in the 80s, technology is empowering organizations and people to maintain connection while we’re all apart due to Covid-19. And we’re not just talking about the Zooms and Slacks of the world – although they’re certainly part of the new normal. During this pandemic we’ve increasingly seen how existing technologies and platforms are being repurposed to enable “human connection.”

Repurposing Digital Marketplace Platforms

For example, over the years we’ve developed several digital marketplaces for clients. These have traditionally allowed our clients to share assets/products with their customers via personalized, easy-to-use portals. Think: market research data or competitive analyses. But today, we’re seeing an influx of requests to repurpose this digital marketplace technology for events that have been cancelled due to Covid-19. Because conferences, concerts and company-wide training events can no longer take place in-person, organizations need new ways to keep people engaged and connected through technology.

It turns out that our digital marketplace capabilities answer a lot of the needs of event companies, such as:

  • Housing a wide depth and breadth of content – e.g. seminars, speaking events, etc.
  • Incorporating video conferencing technology so participants can virtually attend live presentations and collaborate
  • Presenting available event offerings through an easy-to-navigate portal so participants know exactly what’s offered at each event
  • Personalizing offerings and content based on participant roles
  • Enabling peer-to-peer connection to mimic the networking opportunities at an in-person event

What once were digital marketplace platforms are now transforming into “human connection platforms” in the face of Covid-19 challenges.

Adapting to Changing Times

What other technologies do you see that are being re-engineered or repurposed to meet the unique challenges of today? How else can we maximize our interactions and mimic the in-person experience within our new socially distant “normal”?

If your organization is struggling with how to keep the human connection element of your business alive and well, let’s connect.

Let’s build something beautiful together.

blog author shawn davison

Shawn Davison

CEO at Dev IQ, triathlete, and technological philosopher.

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