Dev IQ now Google Cloud Platform Partner

Dev IQ has joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Community!

Cloud Computing is a structural change and has never been more important for the Enterprise than it is today.  In fact, for larger companies the trend is now toward multi-cloud—having more than one cloud provider or using the provider with the best in class services.

We build Enterprise Cloud Software & Services, and we have been experts in Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a long time.  That said, we are very excited about what Google Cloud is bringing to the market in terms of customer value and differentiation.  Because of this, we are becoming experts in Apigee, Kubernetes, and Tensorflow in addition to GCP infrastructure!

What does this mean for our Clients?

It means more options to choose the right solution path, based on their specific needs.  It also means we have tremendous partner resources available to deliver on what we do best, and at a cost/value that is very attractive.

Within our GCP Partnership, we are specifically focused on:

  1. Replatforming—moving Custom Apps to the Cloud
  2. Architecting scalable Cloud-Native APIs with Apigee
  3. Developing and deploying microServices using Kubernetes
  4. Integrating Machine Learning with TensorFlow

“We are introducing Clients to Google Cloud because of the value and differentiation they bring to the table.”

— Shawn Davison, CEO, Dev IQ

At Dev IQ, we work diligently to help our clients LEVEL UP.  Leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to accelerate cloud-based deployments is just one more example of this.  We will continue to deliver exceptional User Experiences and engineer software products that improve quality of life for users around the world.

Whether leading a cloud migration effort to replatform an existing custom application, or building new cloud-native enterprise apps, our goal is to provide scalable, end-to-end solutions by combining leading edge technologies with empathic design and continuous delivery methodologies.

Using Google’s core infrastructure, GCP facilitates stable, secure, resilient application builds:

  • Machine Learning
  • Management Tools
  • Developer Tools
  • Identity & Security
  • Compute
  • Storage & Databases
  • Networking
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things


Let’s build something beautiful together.

blog author shawn davison

Shawn Davison
CEO of Dev IQ, triathlete, and technology philosopher.

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