Hospitality Mobile App Development – Three Features that Drive ROI

Between smartphones and tablets, Americans spend 57 percent of their digital media consumption time in apps. For app developers and companies building mobile apps, this statistic indicates a massive opportunity to grow their footprint and business revenues.

In fact, a well-designed mobile app not only serves to better engage customers, enhance user experiences, and improve loyalty, but can also deliver significant ROI. And it’s not just music, messaging, or video apps that are building features to better capitalize on this notion. A wide variety of B2C and B2B apps are also working to delight users and produce an impressive return on investment.  For example:

  • Social Media Marketing Apps – Social media marketing is not a 9-5 job. Through social media marketing apps, marketers are able to keep their finger on the pulse of their online community. Apps that enable marketers to engage directly with followers anytime, anywhere can deliver a 62% increase in brand loyalty and improved rates of conversion.
  • Project Management Apps – Teams using project management apps are able to track deliverables and collaborate in real-time. With more than 43% of Americans working remotely, this type of on-demand cooperation is critical to productivity and performance.
  • Banking Apps – By increasing mobile banking adoption rates through apps and online systems, the average financial institution can generate millions in additional revenues and reduce attrition by up to 15%.

Another area where we’re seeing significant growth is hospitality. Recently in the Wall Street Journal, Marriott’s CIO talked about the change that mobile apps are bringing to the hotel guest experience, calling them one of the biggest shifts of the past decade. In fact, research shows that hotels with mobile apps consistently get higher customer satisfaction ratings from their guests. But hotel apps don’t only improve the guest experience; they also offer opportunities to generate ROI from hotel conferences and events.

Dev IQ has a long history of creating ROI-generating apps across a wide range of industries. When developing a new hotel app for conferences and events, there are three app features we recommend including to improve usability, user experience, and ROI:

1. Loyalty Rewards – Giving users the option to sign up for customer loyalty/rewards programs in-app, gives hotels another way to engage with users, encourage repeat business and reward referrals, boosting YOY attendance and supporting new business.

2. Sponsorship Opportunities – Giving conference/event sponsors the opportunity to directly connect with attendees (aka: their target audience) through things like in-app banner ads, splash pages, etc., can transform hospitality apps from a cost-center into top-line impacting tools – generating additional revenue from in-app advertising.

3. Push Notifications at the Event – Enabling push notifications during an event not only provides hotels with an additional revenue stream (e.g. individual exhibitors can purchase these to drive traffic to their booth), but it also enables the facility to promote its own amenities more fully (e.g. offering coupons for the hotel restaurant or bar, promoting the hotel spa, etc.)

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Danny Sanchez

UI/UX Designer at Dev IQ, Men-at-Work fan, and 3D printing guru.

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