Integrating Payment Gateways – Why We Trust Braintree

As more and more consumers demand online payment options and retailers move to provide online access to their goods and services, the global payments and ecommerce markets are exploding.  For example, did you know that:

The great news is that technology is well-positioned to support this migration. In fact, there are many payment gateways designed to help organizations transition into the ecommerce space or begin accepting online payments.

One of the payment tools that we work with most frequently – and to the greatest effect – is Braintree, a payment gateway technology that allows merchants to accept credit card payments from customers through their website and mobile app. We like it because it’s:


  1. Universal – Braintree accepts many forms of payment beyond the typical credit card, including PayPal, Apple Pay, and Venmo, and it can process payments in more than 130 currencies.
  2. Secure – The service has advanced fraud protection.
  3. Automatic – Braintree includes subscription capabilities so our clients can charge their customers automatically in monthly increments.
  4. Flexible –Braintree can integrate within your existing UI for a seamless user payment experience.
  5. Impactful – Because it’s easy to use, seamless, and integrates with many other tools (like accounting, inventory management, ordering, etc.), our clients are able to get to market more quickly, provide their customers with a consistent UX, and streamline their operations to great effect.

What are some of these “great effects”? Here are just two examples of how we’ve integrated Braintree within client environments and helped improve their operations, customer interactions, and bottom lines.

Collective Goods was looking to transform from a paper-based, manual cash-and-check transaction system to a digital mobile-enabled system supporting Paypal and Card payments. We worked together to design a mobile app for iOS and Android, in addition to a tablet Kiosk. To support these tools, Dev IQ created a new Order Management System that integrated with the Braintree payment gateway and allowed Collective Goods to bring their orders and payments to the mobile era.

The result? Collective Goods now has full visibility into its end customers and sales data (quantities, products, locations, order history). Orders and money are managed automatically instead of manually, and they are traceable in case of errors. And customers have the ease and convenience of online ordering and payment. All of this has led to significantly increased sales per order transaction for Collective Goods.

JobBox was a mobile collaboration solution service for the construction industry. They launched their service in 2013 and within the first 12 months were already serving more than 1,000 companies in the United States.

To help them meet this rapid growth, Dev IQ architected, designed, and deployed an end-to-end SaaS solution that could scale to millions of users. We also enabled online payment options through Braintree. This online payment and recurring payment capability helped JobBox scale quickly and provide multiple flexible, recurring plans for different user personas.

If your organization is looking to explore its online payment or e-commerce options, we’d love to connect. Contact us directly to learn more about how we’ve helped companies like Collective Goods and JobBox design, develop, and deploy solutions that integrate with Braintree to deliver bottom-line value.


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