Just Returned From Apple HQ

Dev IQ received a select invite to the secret Apple WATCH Lab at Apple HQ. Other high-profile companies have been given limited access to the watch before launch, and we are certainly grateful for the opportunity. Apple has even began unveiling portions of their secret fitness lab as a teaser for the April 24th launch.

It was an intense 21 hour day, yet invaluable for preparing our Apps for the new Apple WATCH launch. For me, this experience is reminiscent to the original iPhone launch. Very secure, very secret, and a major game changer.

Within the constraints of the Apple NDA, we will be sharing tips and techniques for developing Apple WATCH Apps–that are not apparent in current developer materials.

Dev IQ has invested in becoming a premier Apple WATCH Developer, and now with hands-on experience developing on real watches (both 38mm and 42mm) we are very excited for the launch on April 24th.

Let’s build something beautiful together.

blog author shawn davison

Shawn Davison
CEO at Dev IQ, triathlete, and technological philosopher.

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