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One-Moment Meditation, a popular and 5-star mobile app that Dev IQ developed in partnership with The One Moment Company has been included in the KnowStartups list of “must-have” mindfulness and meditation apps!


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The New Year is the perfect time to start a new habit, and One-Moment Meditation makes it easy to be successful in your resolve. One-Moment Meditation allows you to find a state of deep calm and renew your energy — no matter how busy you are.

Meditation provides the ideal way to reconnect with yourself by virtue of learning how to breathe and relax. Not only may it make you feel more secure, confident and relaxed, but regular meditation may also lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health.

– Forbes, “Top 10 Health-Related New Year’s Resolutions,”  Dec. 31, 2016


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Note: Dev IQ used the name DVmobile at the time OMM was initially developed.


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