PREVIEW: Denver Startup Week “Visionary Leadership through Design Thinking”

Dev IQ Designer Danny Sánchez on his presentation for Denver Startup Week “Visionary Leadership through Design Thinking”

Commonly, entrepreneurs fall into the misconception that creativity and empathy are something the UX designer should worry about, not them. Despite this, it is entrepreneurs who are the creators of products, teams, brands, and strategies, usually without any training in creativity or applying design thinking.

Many think of “design” as UI and graphics, but that is the DOING of the design rather than the THINKING, which includes UX. It is dangerous to believe that only designers are responsible for design, or to believe that a business does not need design. As CEO, it is important to be the first example and lead with design thinking.

As a Mexican Industrial Designer working in the tech industry in Denver, I am an advocate of the versatility of design thinking and passionate about teaching design principles to non-designers that they can apply in their own different contexts. I want to create awareness of the benefits of incorporating design thinking as a core business element, as I’ve seen its results from my experience in design practice and creativity consulting.

In this upcoming Denver Startup Week session, we will employ principles from 17th century Miyamoto Musashi – swordsman, strategist, and philosopher – to learn pragmatic design thinking best practices that can be applied in your business. You’ll learn why the first User Experience designer of your team must be you – the entrepreneur – to set the foundation for an organization that faces today’s business challenges with creativity and empathy. I will introduce key design concepts, demonstrate business applications, and provide resources for further learning.

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Danny Sánchez
UI/UX Designer at Dev IQ, Men-at-Work fan, and 3D printing guru.

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