DVmobile: What is Our “Why”?

In preparation for the upcoming Colorado I Have A Dream gala, we took some time to reflect on WHY events like this are important to us…

When asked WHY he founded DVmobile, CEO Shawn Davison tells the story of someone who came to work for him because a piece of software Shawn’s company built had transformed this young man’s mother’s life, giving her more time with her family and more time with her customers.

DVmobile is committed building solutions that improve quality of life. To us, that means we focus on improving experiences and interactions for our clients, their customers, and our employees. We deliver on this promise from the very outset of each new project — using empathic design to drive the development of our solutions — so that any product we build is always focused on the needs of the the end-users.

As an extension of this mission, DVmobile supports other organizations in our community that improve quality of life in their own unique ways. We are proud to serve as the trusted strategic technology partners to companies that support education and non-profit fundraising:


Over the past 25 years, Collective Goods has given back more than 500 million dollars in books, product donations, and cash. Their drive to support public education, healthcare, and causes important in communities in all 50 states is stronger than ever and remains at the forefront the organization.

DVmobile has helped Collective Goods’ Digital Transformation, reach its customers in new and exciting ways, such as in mobile apps and kiosks:



Givella is a mobile application that raises money for your preferred cause as you shop or dine at partner merchants, at no extra cost.

DVmobile partnered with Givella to build the iOS application, including the credit card integration that makes fundraising easy and seamless to the shopping experience, while helping non-profits and schools receive valuable funding to reach their goals.

Find more about Givella: 



Let’s build something beautiful together.

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