Pratt Miller Engineering Camaro GTR

Pratt Miller Engineering

Challenge Unique challenges exist when testing race vehicles. Costs associated with track-side testing can be prohibitive. Also, the speed and volume at which data is available can make it difficult to capture, collect, and analyze. In order to support race vehicle development, PME needed to modernize existing systems used for data collection. Additionally, in order …

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transwest is a freighter truck dealer

Transwest – Trucking Inventory Mgmt

Challenge Transwest is a premier automotive provider for the Rocky Mountain West offering sales, parts, service and finance for nearly every segment of the transportation industry. The company includes 20+ locations and has many offerings including commercial truck and trailer sales, RV sales, custom body work, and service departments for those vehicle types. The company has …

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the omnique software helps administrate car shops

Omnique – MS Modernization

Challenge After years of maintenance and support of Omnique’s version 4.0 (O4) built on Microsoft’s Silverlight platform, it was time to modernize. To support Omnique’s vision of a mobile-compatible enterprise application, the site would need to be rewritten to support the latest versions of HTML, CSS and Javascript. The challenge was to modernize the app without …

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Glamour – AR Mobile Apps

Challenge Glamour knew that they would have to be just as mobile as their readers – they asked us to create a custom mobile app for iOS and Android that would allow users to shop, play, share, and of course be stylish. “One of our main priorities is around the mobile and social shopping experience and for this project, …

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ECS Tuning – Automotive E-Commerce

Challenge Moving all credit card transactions to the Braintree Service in a tight, two-week timeline to be in production is very challenging. There was no time for Dev IQ to dwell deeply into the client’s codebase, development process, or release schedule. Additionally, both teams would have to work closely, without visibility to their schedules or …

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Fuelsy – Sales Leads Marketplace

Challenge As a separate company, project and product from Dev IQ, the Fuelsy team needed to quickly push out a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with limited budget, in order to validate ideas and gather feedback from end users. This challenge required the team to quickly stand up development environments, streamline the release process and rapidly …

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The Influence Board – Web Platform

Challenge Cold calling is time consuming, costly, and inefficient. For vendors – finding a way to cut through the noise and get the attention needed. For executives – a way to intelligently filter vendor requests for relevancy. Solution Result The Influence Board platform has been live since 2018 and has become more important and useful …

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Caduceus International Publishing – App Modernization

Challenge Caduceus International Publishing Inc. (CIP Courses) designs and markets innovative online e-textbook course materials and exams to universities, professional schools, and health science centers worldwide. The Caduceus application guides students through a semester’s worth of coursework by providing study guides, interactive flash cards, videos, quizzes and exams with real time progress updates and grading. …

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