Hurley – B2B iPad Catalog

Challenge Develop an iPad version of iVendix that integrates with CenterStone Technologies’ products and offers a round user experience across platforms. Solution Design Process Dev IQ and CenterStone Technologies are constantly working together to improve the iV Mobile platform, always following a clear Design Process: Feedback from users > New Feature request > Concept wireframe …

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Nortek – Home Security & Control

Challenge Develop a COSU (Corporate Owned Single Use) device for home security in less than 100 days to meet mass production deadlines and scheduled corporate product launch. Solution Result The tight deadline was met and the resulting product was device mass produced in China. It is now available in the market. Dev IQ was instrumental for …

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industry 4.0 scada iiot

How Industry 4.0 is Transitioning from Traditional PLC/SCADA to New Cloud IIoT

SCADA IIoT As we discussed, in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is nothing new. Industries have long relied on proprietary computer systems and sensors to monitor equipment and operations. But as we enter the fourth era of industry, Industry 4.0, these systems and sensors are becoming more interconnected and are …

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illustrations showing various cosu android tablet devices

What is COSU?

COSU According to a recent study published in The Harvard Business Review, digitally transformed organizations—so-called “digital leaders”—quantifiably outperform their counterpart “digital laggards.” What often distinguishes these “digital leaders” is their commitment to rethinking their business models and operations through the lens of digitization. One way that organizations are transforming their business models and operations is …

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