Team Profile Series: Danny Sánchez

Part of the Dev IQ mission is to create solutions that improve quality of life. For years, we’ve worked to develop the most empathic, high-quality applications for our clients – delivering on this mission within the healthcare, manufacturing, consumer and retail spaces.

But our commitment to “improving quality of life,” doesn’t end with the solutions we create – it extends through every part of our business, including the type of people we hire.

This week, our Team Profile Series highlights Danny Sanchez, one of Dev IQ’s UI/UX designers. Danny seamlessly blends his industrial design and web design backgrounds together to help Dev IQ deliver compelling, resonant customer experiences that impact the quality of life for end users and client stakeholders. But Danny’s UI/UX role at Dev IQ is only part of his work. Danny is also a 3D modeling and 3D printing expert who’s using his talents to improve the quality of life for people across a wide spectrum of needs.

After graduating from design school in Mexico, his home country, Danny dedicated his work to the branch of Social Design. He worked on several medical devices, but it wasn’t until he entered a 3D printing competition in 2012 that he saw how his talents and interests could help the world around him. At the competition, Danny won first place for his 3D printed asthma inhaler for children and was awarded the top prize – a FDM desktop 3D printer that would launch his 3D printing career in earnest.

Since then, Danny’s work in 3D printing has been nothing short of inspirational. For example, he has joined Khamsa 3D Prosthetics to design, produce and distribute 3D printed prosthetics to those in need in Morocco, where Danny lives now. As he told us:

“Every prosthetics recipient case is unique and challenging, so it keeps my creative muscles fit. And because our recipients are low-income and very often suffering from a terminal illness, it is an extraordinary exercise in empathy. I’ve even had the chance to personally meet with some of the recipients of our prosthetics. The moment they try the prosthetic on makes the months of work instantly and forever gratifying – it’s very humbling.”

Additionally, Danny is the creator of MiniWorld 3D, an online catalog of 3D printable landmarks that allows everyone, but specifically the visually impaired, to experience famous world landmarks regardless of where they are.

“A friend from Finland asked me if 3D printing could help blind and visually impaired people know what famous buildings and landmarks are like since they can’t see pictures of them, or fathom the shape and scale by being there or just touching the walls. This triggered the idea of merging my passions for travel, 3D modeling, and helping others – and MiniWorld was born!”

We asked Danny how his work outside of Dev IQ contributes to his UX/UI work and here’s what he had to say:

Q: What are some of the core principles you’ve integrated from your previous work in industrial design into the work you do for Dev IQ?

DS: Without a doubt, the Empathic Design methodology. The way we take a project on is the same for a plastic-injected mass-produced appliance as for a cloud solution. Both types of projects have stakeholders, deadlines, budgets, requirements, and most importantly – human users.

Q: How has your work with MiniWorld 3D and Khamsa 3D informed how you think about customer/end-user needs, and how, if at all, has that informed your design choices?

DS: The roles I play on these side projects are different than on Dev IQ and require a more managerial and strategic point of view. This has helped me to understand the larger picture and road-map where we are going next.

Q: Do you see a role for 3D printing in the future of IoT device design?

DS: As household 3D printing becomes more common, the possibilities for tinkerers to customize and enhance their homes grow exponentially. 3D printing provides the customizable physical part that protects electronics such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and sensors that anyone can leverage to turn any thing into a smart thing.

To learn more about Danny’s work, check out Khamsa 3D and MiniWorld 3D. And as always, connect with us directly to learn more about how Dev IQ is developing solutions that improve quality of life for our users and customers.

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