Top 3 Reasons To Build An

Apple Watch App

Not unlike the original iPhone launch, the concept of having Apps on your wrist is foreign to most people. However, this will change very quickly, starting April 24th, 2015. With the launch of Apple WATCH, a whole new world of mobile application possibilities open up.

Here are my Top 3 reasons to build an Apple WATCH App:

  1. It creates a very personal and convenient experience.
    A watch is considered even more personal than a phone. It’s certainly more convenient to glance at a watch than pull your cell phone out of your pocket or purse. Apple has put significant effort into the automatic detection of arm movement and motion. The WATCH knows when you are looking at it.If you have an existing iOS App today, the notification capabilities and convenience of the WATCH may be reason enough. The great news is the WATCH App can be very simple, yet provide tremendous value add.
  2. There are new sensors and capabilities.
    This is obviously new technology. The health related sensors alone are revolutionary, given the size and footprint of the watch. Heart rate, blood pressure, and general fitness can be tracked. Companies are working on additional capabilities, such as glucose monitoring.
  3. The WATCH is an extension of the iPhone, iPod or iPad.
    Those who buy a WATCH, will also be buying another Apple device, if they don’t have one already. Ingeniously, Apple will be selling many more phones and tablets because the WATCH requires a device to connect to, download apps from, etc. We predict that Watch Apps will become an expected extension of standard Mobile App development.

We want to hear from you. What are your reasons for wanting your own Apple WATCH App?

Let’s build something beautiful together.

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Shawn Davison
CEO at Dev IQ, triathlete, and technological philosopher.

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