Imagine a meeting between a Business Executive and a new software development partner. The developer answers all the Exec’s questions. They help brainstorm technical solutions to business problems. They explain the ins and outs of their process in a way that the Exec can easily understand.

 Skywriter MD is a service that delegates the administrative burden of healthcare providers. Skywriter MD is a service that delegates the administrative burden of healthcare providers.

…Then they go off and actually deliver on the work they’ve promised. They answer the phone when the Exec calls. And they don’t walk away once the initial project is complete; they stay engaged, tweaking the product to make it more and more efficient over time.

At Dev IQ, we strive to make this “imagine…” scenario a reality for our customers.

That’s why we were delighted to hear what Tracy Rue, the CEO of Skywriter MD, had to say about our relationship in a recent interview. Here’s an excerpt of his experience working with Dev IQ:

Q: Why did you start working with Dev IQ?

TR: About a year ago, we set out to rebuild our platform. Our software had good core competencies, but we needed to completely redesign the functionality of the product. In the past, I hired and engaged other software development companies that created a very baseline product, and I had some bad experiences. I was often left asking, “Is the platform going to turn on today? Is it going to work? Is it going to work all day?” What sets Skywriter apart is our technology – and we just couldn’t move forward with so much uncertainty.

 “Skywriters” are virtual scribes that enter the information into EMR systems so providers can focus on their patients.

To help us reengineer the platform, I was looking for a homegrown solution – somebody that I could communicate with, that had a methodology for developing software, implementing software, and the continued maintenance of that software. That’s why I initially chose Dev IQ.

Q: What do you think sets Dev IQ apart from previous providers you’ve worked with?

TR: From a CEO’s perspective, I like that I am able to pick up the phone and have a conversation with Dev IQ that’s on my level. They speak my language, explaining their methodology in the way a CEO can understand, not from the perspective of a developer or coder.

They’re also true to their word, they move fast and they’re nimble…and when it comes to Apple App developers, they’re second to none in my opinion.

 DVmobile partnered with Skywriter MD to improve UX and modernize existing web and iPad apps. Dev IQ partnered with Skywriter MD to improve UX and modernize existing web and iPad apps.

Q: What’s the state of your product today?

TR: The impact Dev IQ has had on Skywriter’s business is not insignificant. Dev IQ completely redesigned our platform. They eliminated some 3rd party dependencies and made our software 100% Skywriter proprietary. They also provide ongoing maintenance. Not maintenance in terms of keeping the software going, but rather adding and subtracting things to make it a little bigger, better, and faster every single month. They’re able to push out new updates in a fraction of the time, so we can even do a fix in the middle of the day without disrupting our service.

 Tracy Rue, CEO of Skywriter MD. Tracy Rue, CEO of Skywriter MD.

Today, we feel confident that we can extend our software to existing and new clients without having to worry about scalability or stability. I know that no matter how many users we put on our platform, our software is going to work.

Q: What do you envision for the future?

TR: We’re currently in a rapid growth phase that would have been impossible without the stable, scalable product that Dev IQ helped us develop.

Dev IQ is fluent in Business & Technology.  This is just one example of how Dev IQ is transforming the relationships that Business Executives and organizations have with their external software developers into ones that are more empathic, more efficient and more successful.

To learn more about Dev IQ’s work with Skywriter MD, check our out case example and video or contact us directly to see how we can partner with your company. For more information about Skywriter MD, click here.

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