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As a Mexican Industrial Designer working in the tech industry in Denver, Danny Sanchez is an advocate of the versatility of design thinking and passionate about teaching design principles to non-designers that they can apply in their own different contexts. The goal of this talk is to create awareness of the benefits of incorporating design thinking as a core business element.

From this presentation, you’ll learn why the first User Experience designer of your team must be you – the entrepreneur – to set the foundation for an organization that faces today’s business challenges with creativity and empathy.  Danny introduces key design concepts, demonstrates business applications, and provides resources for further learning.

Dev IQ’s (formerly DVmobile) UX/UI designer, Danny Sanchez, presented “Visionary Leadership through Design Thinking” at Denver Startup Week on September 15, 2016. Denver Startup Week (DSW) is the largest event of its kind in North America. Denver Startup Week is the summit of entrepreneurial energy, innovation, and connection. Powered by the local community, sessions represent the very best in tech, design, DIY-making, marketing, and leadership.

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