What team are you cheering for this season?


What team will you be cheering for this fall?

No, we’re not talking football. We’re talking wearables…smartwatches to be precise.

This fall is shaping up to be an extremely competitive season for wearable tech with a new class of smartwatches just introduced or expected to hit the market in the coming months. For example:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch

Released just last Friday, Consumer Reports says that this watch is the closest thing to the Apple Watch for Android users. Features include: swim-proof design; a better battery life compared with older Samsung Gear models; Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby; and Samsung Pay so users can make purchases on their watch.

Apple Watch Series 4

Last week we covered the new features and functions users could expect from the presumed Apple Watch Series 4, including: improved battery life, larger display, faster chip and water resistance. We also anticipate that Apple will continue to refine the cellular version of its Series 4 Watch to improve its operability without an iPhone nearby.

Google Pixel Watch

Experts are expecting that Google will enter the smartwatch market in a big way – releasing as many as THREE new watches this fall. While details are slim on what consumers can expect from these new models – code-named Ling, Triton and Sardine – they are expected to elevate the delivery of Android Wear in the same way the Pixel phone did for Android OS.

But the explosion in wearable tech isn’t limited to tech giants. Smaller, previously niche providers, are also dipping their toes into the smartwatch market. For example:

FitBit Versa

It’s not surprising that FitBit’s first foray into the smartwatch category is designed for fitness buffs. Versa provides all the benefits of the FitBit – like activity tracking and sleep stage monitoring – and also includes expanded features like: access to apps for music streaming, sports, weather, etc.; water resistance up to 50 meters; notifications for calls, calendar events or texts; and storage for 300+ songs.

Garmin ForeRunner 654 Music

The Garmin smartwatch is ideal for runners. It has a long battery life (up to 7 days), it also has enough storage space to hold up to 500 songs and the ability to connect to wireless headphones. While it’s not nearly as robust as other smartwatch models, it does monitor biometrics, provide advanced running dynamics (like stride length and ground contact time) and allow users to make payments with the watch (with supported cards from participating banks).

LG Sport & LG Style

Created in partnership with Google and introduced last years, these smartwatches leverage Android Wear technology within both models. The LG Sport emphasizes heart rate, GPS and phone calls and the LG Style provides more slim-line basic functions.


Since Apple first launched its first smartwatch in September 2014, the market has exploded. Today there’s a smartwatch for everyone –from fitness buffs to style mavens to techies. So back to our original question: what team will you cheer for this fall? Apple? Samsung? Google? Or perhaps, one of the smaller newcomers to the smartwatch market like FitBit or LG?

We’d love to hear what you’re loving in wearables today and what you hope to see in the future. Let’s discuss your ideas for a wearable app, or see some of the custom smartwatch apps we’ve created with our partners.

Let’s build something beautiful together.

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