City of Fort Collins: Smart Survey

Fort Collins is a city in northern Colorado. The City’s Department of Transportation conducts citizen transportation surveys to evaluate the current state of transportation and to design public policy for its future. These surveys are managed by National Research Center Inc. (NRC).

Dev IQ designed a mobile app version of this survey for iOS and Android devices, as the first step into transforming transportation surveys from paper to digital.


High costs of producing, mailing, and manually capturing thousands of hand-written paper surveys. Increasing lack of interest and response by the population, especially younger generations.


Reusable and white-labeled iOS and Android mobile app with GPS trip-tracking abilities. Improved overall customer experience and journey, reaching people where they are. Reduced the time and hassle to respond while increasing the value and amount of information captured.

Key Features

  • A “single pane of glass” to view network and device status, sensor data, device telemetry, alarms, etc.
  • Actionable data analytics, such as energy consumption and savings based on actual device readings.
  • A “central command” map view of all deployed devices with site and zone navigation, group selection alarm monitoring and more.
  • Control and configuration of devices through individual and group selection.
  • Advanced visual scheduling of device operations for applications like “smart lighting”.

The app was divided in sections:

  • Welcome & Tutorial: warm and clear explanation of the survey, its importance, and how it works.
  • Transportation Questionnaire: questions about transportation habits and type of vehicles owned.
  • Work Questionnaire: typical demographic questions.
  • My Trips: list of trips recorded by GPS during one day.
  • Feedback: final questions about the experience.
smart survey notification screen
smart survey screen with questionnaire
smart survey screen for selecting travel modes
smart survey screen with a map and the user's route

Automatic Recording of Trips

The most important section of the survey is My Trips, where all the activity is recorded automatically by GPS algorithms designed specifically to detect movement and duration for the type of behavior expected.

Trips are listed chronologically and show start or end times and a route map. Users describe further details such as purpose and transportation mode used.

Correlation With Previous Data

As part of the study and request by the City, paper surveys coexisted with the mobile app. This same survey has been done since 1991 with paper; the data collected would have to match all previous records to preserve the relevance of the study. Having both digital and paper helps compare the response for each medium and its adoption.

Get the App / Resources

Use the links below to try the app and review the City of Boulder’s Transportation Department website, policies, and Master Transportation Plan:


The City now has a high-performance, repeatable survey that yields data that correlates with decades of past surveys plus additional, new invaluable data about transportation behavior and usage compatible with GIS systems and computer models.

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