Transwest: Trucking Inventory Management

Transwest is an automotive provider for the Rocky Mountain West. Dev IQ partnered with Transwest to build and maintain their administrative inventory platform with deep integration.


Transwest is a premier automotive provider for the Rocky Mountain West offering sales, parts, service and finance for nearly every segment of the transportation industry. The company includes 20+ locations and has many offerings including commercial truck and trailer sales, RV sales, custom body work, and service departments for those vehicle types.

The company has a large and complex setup that includes many of the locations and manages the company’s inventory. Transwest originally started working with Dev IQ to get some expert integration assistance and eventually maintain their platform as well, which was a custom-built Rails CMS.

This legacy system suffered from a number of issues. It was structured in a manner that tenanted each key location. These locations each had their own navigation structure, content, and layouts. The site was also very expensive to maintain because there was large portions of content that were not editable via the CMS and because the custom application had complex and dated code. These factors eventually resulted in Transwest asking Dev IQ to rewrite the system.

The goal was to create a platform similar to the old one, but with better site structure and brand continuity and to create something that was easier and cheaper to maintain. These requests were complicated by the integration needed to support the Transwest backend.

transwest logo


transwest platform on desktop, showing catalog of trailers for sale

Transwest had a custom inventory API coded in APEX that powered the previous inventory-faceted search. The design of the new system demanded a very customized UI and deep integration with the API.

To overcome this issue Dev IQ decided to build a React-faceted search mini SPA and embed it into the platform to get the desired result. The mini SPA handles all of the inventory API calls in an asynchronous manner providing a superior experience to the end user.

Key Features

The platform built by Dev IQ allows to:

  • Visually drill down into vehicle types using multi-selects, high-low filters, and radio selects.
  • Preview the number of vehicles that match different facet combinations.
  • Look up a vehicle by its stock keeping number.
  • View vehicle details including an image carousel, location, dealership notes, and vehicle information.
  • Integrated FormAssembly contact form that passes leads and tracking information to Salesforce.
  • Advanced integration with Google Tag Manager to empower various marketing scripts.
Screenshot of the Transwest platform for desktop.

The Transwest platform viewed on a mobile device.


Some of the technology expertise used in this project include:

  • React
  • React Router
  • Redux Saga
  • FormAssembly
  • Sass
  • Material UI
  • Bootstrap
  • Git
  • GTM


Transwest now has a solid platform with a better structure; better location continuity; and powerful integration, allowing for an inventory browsing experience that surpasses the competition. Transwest can now easily change and maintain most of the site by themselves.

Ultimately, the platform is cheaper and easier to operate and maintain.

Visit the Transwest Platform:

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