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Our Latest Event:

Daybreak Education Series: Payment Integration Trends & Best Practices 2019

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Thanks for attending! Now keep the best practices, case studies, and predictions about the future of the digital exchange of money.

This session was geared toward business leaders, product managers, and innovators looking for secure ways to move more of their traditional payments into the digital space. 

Keywords: Blockchain, PayPal, PCI Compliance, Braintree, Venmo, Payment Gateways, Fraud Risk, Security.


Previous Events

Design Thinking

Dev IQ’s CEO Shawn Davison and Mike Stemple of Inspirer kicked-off the very first Daybreak Education series talking about Innovation and Creativity.

Healthcare Innovation’s Tipping Point

Mike Biselli, ClearData, and SkywriterMD joined us to talk about Software’s role in the future of Healthcare, and the security challenges that come with it.

The Business of IoT (Internet of Things

IoT expert Matthew Bai)ley was our guest speaker in a talk about one of the most relevant topics in software recently. 

Secure IoT: The Challenge of Securing Your IoT Devices

In collaboration with Kyrio and MicroChip, this Daybreak event went deeper in the topic of IoT security, sharing best practices and guidelines to achieve it.

Payment Integration: Trends & Best Practices

Guest speakers with expertise in PayPal/ Braintree, blockchain, and service exchange platforms joined Dev IQ to shed light in the options, opportunities, and challenges revolving digital payments.

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BIT: Dining in the Dark 2018

Dev IQ (formerly DVmobile) is excited to be a Silver-level sponsor at this year's Blind Institute of Technology Dining in the Dark event! The night will include guest host Denise Plante from Colorado & Company on 9 News, along with special guest The Voice's Blessing...