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Business Consulting​

Dev IQ helps businesses get where they want to go.

We work with customers to identify their goals, articulate their vision and bring that vision to life. Through our rigorous Inception Process, Design Thinking approach and Continuous Delivery model, we are able to acutely understand the “whos” and “whys” of any given client problem and develop custom solutions that meet, and often exceed, the needs of project stakeholders.

Whether it is:

  • Modernizing your approach
  • engineering new solutions
  • Migrating infrastructure for increased scale and reliability
  • Re-architecting your business model

Dev IQ’s got you covered.

Dev IQ is incredibly customer focused. They consistently go beyond what we’ve asked for to fully immerse themselves in our environment and deeply understand our needs. Their network has also benefited us tremendously. Dev IQ has been a true partner in understanding and helping shape our vision for stronger customer engagement, and making that vision become a reality.
Randi A.
COO & VP of Strategy
Collective Goods

UX / UI Design

User Experience / User Interface

Good user experience (UX) is mission critical, and having an intuitive, friendly user interface (UI) has become the single most important aspect of software design and development – often separating winning companies from those that fail.

However, not even that is enough. Today’s users demand more. They want software that’s reliable, elegant and easy-to-use.

See how Dev IQ has helped companies design and develop custom UX / UI that’s not only beautiful, but also “just works”.

The impact Dev IQ has provided us is immense, they have a phenomenal crew that does development, architecture, UX/UI design–all the things we didn’t inherently have within our company […]. We didn’t have to bring in new resources and do the training.
Roger C.
Director of Business Development & Technology
Visionaire Lighting

Cloud Native SaaS


This should really be called, YBaaS or “Your-Business-as-a-Service”.

Whatever your business is – lighting, automotive repair, executive introductions or whatever else – we can help you deliver it as a technology platform and experience all the benefits cloud native SaaS can bring, including scalability, security, streamlined services and recurring revenue.

See how Dev IQ has helped a wide variety of clients translate their business into a successful platform.

Dev IQ as a group defines what a software company should be. The team continues to stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors that we deal with as far as quality of the development, quality of support, project management and knowledge of Omnique and our business.
Erik D.
Operations Manager

Custom Software Development

Enterprise, SaaS, Mobile, Web, IoT

To build or to buy? When it comes to custom software development that is the question.

Dev IQ can help your company navigate the build-vs-buy evaluation process. We know that not every project needs custom development. After all, why reinvent the wheel if there are already perfectly good solutions available? Through our unique inception process, our team can help you determine the right path forward.

If your company does require something unique and proprietary to meet its particular needs, our turnkey teams can handle your project from start to finish. We’ll help you build a differentiated, cost-effective solution that gets you to market quickly, outperforms your competitors, and creates bottom-line value.

The best part? This entire process requires no technical expertise on your part. Check out how we’ve helped clients like Visionaire, Collective Goods, and The Influence Board develop their custom solutions.

Being a small company with no software development experience, we relied heavily upon Dev IQ’s turn-key development team. They learned and tackled a completely new technical topic (dosimetry) and have proven that they have the ability to design technical software to meet the business needs of our clients.
Mike P.
GEX Corporation

Industrial IoT

Ecosystem Design & Dashboard Integration

We like to say that the Internet of Things (IoT) can mean everything or nothing at all. While IoT sensors and hardware are everywhere – from our factories to our streetlights – and the opportunities for IoT are endless, they can’t reach their full potential without software that can maximize their capabilities.

To do so, organizations must create IoT ecosystems that connect “smart sensors” to one another so that they can communicate, integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to capture and make sense of the data that these sensors report, and transform that data into a dashboard view that’s actionable for technology stakeholders.

Therein lies the real value – the ability to process data in real time or at near real time, enabling predictive analytics.

Dev IQ builds software that empowers and manages IoT devices and sensors. We also build ecosystems that can aggregate and report the resultant data via integrated dashboards. Check out some of our IoT work in the industrial market.

Dev IQ brings a level of excellence in their technical skill, creative solutions, and professional service that exceeds anything else I’ve come across in the consultative and development world. They have seamlessly developed multiple complex applications for us – integrating multiple systems, services, and platforms. All of the work has come out visually beautiful and the development process was seamless.
Ryan D.
IoT Product Manager
Visionaire Lighting


Secure Human Connection

One of today’s top challenges is how to keep the human-connection-factor strong when large parts of a workforce are operating remotely and/or teams are widely dispersed.

To address this challenge, organizations have adopted 3rd party technologies that enable web, video and chat functionality for their people. And while these collaboration tools help solve the human connection problem, they open up a whole new set of issues around security and privacy, control and customization.

For companies that need both – human connection and verifiable platform security – Dev IQ can help. Our secure and compliant software development process and targeted accelerators help companies develop their own, custom collaboration platform around video communication, telehealth, education, and much more. Learn more about Dev IQ’s communication platform capabilities.

As I sat in the room with Dev IQ and described the kind of functionality we were looking to put into play, they asked me tough questions and I loved that because it made me think!
Jay A.

Mobile Applications

iOS & Android

Dev IQ began an iOS and Android application development firm more than 9 years ago, and although our services set has grown exponentially, delivering rich, elegant applications is still core to our brand. 

We have deep experience developing native and hybrid apps that function as stand-alone offerings or extensions of a current platform or service. Our streamlined development process and expertise helps clients to get to market quickly with apps that provide exceptional user experiences (UX), and in turn, fundamentally change the way they interact with their customers.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the case examples below for a deeper dive into Dev IQ’s iOS and Android development expertise.

The City of Boulder’s Transportation Division hired Dev IQ through a competitive bid process to design a smartphone application. […]  On a tight budget and even tighter timeframe, Dev IQ delivered an application that met the City’s needs and provided a valuable new way of collecting data.  Based on this first application and our experience working Dev IQ’s high performing staff, the City has committed to a long-term relationship with Dev IQ to create new versions of the application for other survey needs.
Chris H.
Senior Transportation Planner
City of Boulder, Colorado

Security & Architecture

Advisory Services

What happens to your car if you never get the oil changed, check the belts or rotate the tires? It falls apart, right? The same is true for software.

In order for a digital transformation or application modernization to be successful, it needs ongoing software maintenance. Every now and then, someone has to look under the hood and replace the outdated parts. Because, just like a car, if software sits idle for too long, it risks obsolescence.

This is where Dev IQ steps in. We not only have the technical expertise to bring your legacy applications up to modern standards, but we also have the know-how and the team that can keep it maintained and current on an ongoing basis. See how we help companies keep their IT engines running smoothly.

architecture diagram
We already have 20% more student enrollment this term. We couldn’t do it without Dev IQ.
Ryan F.
CEO, Owner & Founder
Caduceus International Publishing

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