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Alexa Skills Kit Development

More and more companies are customizing Amazon’s Alexa voice capability to optimize the usability of their products and services. For example:

  • A home security service can integrate its alarms and security panels with Alexa, so a customer can say, “Alexa, please arm my alarm,” or “Alexa, please lock my front door.”
  • A weight loss service can enable Alexa to access a user’s food diary, so a customer can ask, “Alexa, how many food points do I have left for today?”
  • A pharmaceutical company can integrate drugs usage data with Alexa, so a patient can ask, “Alexa, what time do I need to take my medicine?”

We work with clients to develop unique voice skills that are specific to their business and customer needs, and empower them to connect with customers around the globe through voice-enabled devices. With voice at their command, our clients have dramatically improved the usability of their products and services and the experience and engagement of their customers.

Sirikit Development

As Apple and iOS experts, DVmobile can integrate Siri Kit in new or existing applications to enhance users’ experience with this technology.

Apple has released more features for Siri in the latest iOS versions and developers have had access to fully take advantage of it. The power of Siri is in your idea and our capability to put them together:

  • Siri learns from your habits and syncs those preferences across all your Apple devices.
  • Translations are available from English to Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, and French.
  • You can use QR codes for payments and sharing social media accounts.

An often overlooked opportunity is to implement voice for iOS apps, and also Apple Watch apps! Take full advantage of the capabilities of the latest wearable technologies and make your product truly stand out by adding a unique experience to your users.

Google Assistant SDK Development

Our combined expertise in Android development and voice integration services can help your product come to reality within the Google ecosystem.

Voice commands can now be used across devices and even rooms or different areas of our life. Dimming lights or controlling thermostats are easily available through IoT integrations with third parties.

With Google Assistant SDK the possibility to implement voice is not only limited to smartphones or tablets, but on extended devices such as Google Home. Have you considered what your application can be like if voice is supported?


If you’ve ever used video conferencing or video calling through services like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting or an app like Whatsapp, then you’ve experienced WebRTC at work.

WebRTC is a collection of protocols and APIs that connect VoIP technology to Internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Once connected, WebRTC enables real-time communications over the web. The technology is open-source and free to use, enabling virtually any website or web app to incorporate real-time video, desktop sharing, file sharing, and so on. Additionally, the technology requires no plug-ins or additional software downloads, resulting in a frictionless, easy-to-use UX.

But as simple as it might sound, taking WebRTC from concept to reality takes a lot more than just writing a few lines of code. That’s why, as always, we begin with Empathic Design and a Design Thinking approach. After understanding the unique needs and considerations of each client, our WebRTC experts can create all the specifications necessary for a secure, reliable WebRTC solution.

WebRTC is now moving from general conferencing capabilities to much more specialized applications. This enables real-time communication capability inside an application and tailored specific to the applications needs…

For our clients, our WebRTC-enabled apps and solutions have been game changers – providing our clients with a powerful competitive advantage.


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